Ditch the Roses: Alternative Valentine’s Day Gifts

Posted on February 03, 2015 by Megan Hollenback | 0 Comments

Valentine’s Day gifts can be so predictable. Chocolates, flowers, stuffed animals—boring! The truth is, not every girl wants to put on a dress for dinner at a stuffy, overpriced restaurant, and not every girl wants roses and a teddy bear on Valentine’s Day. Show your special someone that you truly know her with one of these unconventional, unique gifts that she’ll love.

Instead of a box of candy or an overpriced dinner, why not treat your date to a trendy treat like an “edible arrangement” (a bouquet of cut fruit, with or without chocolate) or a meal at an unusual restaurant. There are many full-experience restaurants across the country, including Ninja in New York City. When you enter, your waiter (who is dressed as a ninja) will ask you to pick your path: simple or dangerous. The restaurant is decorated like a mountain village, and you will be entertained throughout your meal for a truly unique experience.

Ditch the flowers, and invest in a work of art for your Valentine. The Tony Howell Gallery offers a variety of beautiful prints of flowers and plants from around the world. Why buy a gift that is going to die in a week when you can buy one that will last a lifetime? Purchased or handmade, art is a timeless gift that your date will adore.

Who needs a stuff animal? If you’re in a committed relationship, a rescue pet would make an unforgettable gift. The Humane Society of the United States has shelters across the country where you can always find a great selection of cats, dogs, birds and other small animals, including purebreds. Save a life and experience unconditional love this Valentine’s Day.

We can’t really make a case against diamonds, but that doesn’t change the fact that plain, boring jewelry is overdone. If you want to surprise your Valentine with a truly unique piece of jewelry, give her a piece from Feral Watches. Each timepiece is unique, and there is a variety of materials, patterns and colors from which to choose! Feral Watches are fun, feminine and add structure to your wild side by keeping you punctual.



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