Field Notes: Jasmine Long

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1. Tell us about yourself.  What's your story?  Why wake surfing?

I have tried all different board sports and most of it came pretty naturally. I have been really competitive my entire life, I used to race my skis when I was little. Now I am a little more lax and just enjoy snowboarding on a pow day. My passion started budding while I was on the mountain and initially snowboarding was my absolute favorite thing to do. I love being surrounded by nature. Being at the beach or in the mountains, or out on the lake.  That’s my happy place.  I started wake surfing last March with my boyfriend who absolutely kills it and has helped me so much through my journey. I have an endless wave that brings me endless possibilities and joy, there is always something new to try and a goal I can set to push myself forward. It’s really rewarding for me, I love the high after I get out of the water and am exhausted from riding.  I’m not doing it for anyone else, just because I like the feeling. A friend on the mountain the other day mentioned that he didn’t wanna bring the cameras out to shoot he just wanted to do some ‘soul boarding’ and that’s what it’s really all about for me. The best times happen when it’s just you and the homies on the boat or in the mountain and you’re doing everything for the fun of it when the camera’s aren’t out. I compete because it satisfies another part of me that is hungry for a challenge, the wake surf community is awesome everyone is supportive and just wants to have a rad time. For me it has opened a lot of doors, as a painter and an artist it has given me a platform to get my artwork out in the eyes of a lot of people and I ultimately hope to quit my day job so I can surf and paint and make ends meet that way.

2. What exciting plans do you have for this summer?

This summer is going to be epic. I have a lot of high hopes for what next season will bring. I will be releasing my own board that I am very lucky to be able to paint before it’s glassed over, made close to home in Seattle. As well as a series of surfboards that I am painting for Day 1 wake, they will be available for purchase this summer. After placing at the world championship last September when I came home it was like I had a new confidence in myself that took my riding to the next level and it honestly kinda blew me away. I can’t wait to get back in the water and start surfing at the lake again. 

3. Feral is all about staying wild and #feralatheart.  What is the wildest thing you've ever done?

There is a pretty long list of shenanagins I could spend forever telling you about, I think the most fun adventure would have to have been taking my boyfriends motorhome down the coast last June. I took work off for 3 weeks to camp and surf and explore and it was amazing. I made so many new friends and we dealt with some crazy sh*t from our motorhome.  I am surprised that thing is still running like a champ. We had a blast. Santa Cruz was one of my favorite stops, we got to surf with the kick flippin' legend Zoltan Torkos there. He was great to ride with and was so nice and down to earth. We broke down in LA and stayed with some rippers in Newport, some of the most hospitable kind friends I have ever had. We took some jet skis out into the surf new Ocean Beach and I tried to surf some of the biggest waves I have ever seen, it was a really gnarly day and I will never look at jet skiing on a lake the same way.. It’s not near as exhilarating. My buddy cracked both his front teeth getting whacked in the head while winching with Josh Sleigh in San Diego, we also went to Warped Tour while we were down there. It was a great trip. We broke down again on the way home in a ridiculous town in the middle of nowhere called Los Banos… true to it’s name, it translates as “the bathroom” we stayed in our hotel room for way too long to avoid the 116 degree desert heat. Us Washington kids couldn’t hang. On the way home we got to surf a fun little spot at Short Sands creek just west of Portland, that’s where the most friendly people were. We made it home in time for the 4th of July. I would love to do it all over again and make it an annual excursion.

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