Field Notes: Sara Miller

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1. Hello! I'm Sara Miller. Wife. Traveler. Photographer. Dreamer. Lover of the Great Outdoors. My husband and I began our traveling adventure four years ago when we left our hometowns for the east coast and have spent the last few years roaming around the U.S. I enjoy slow and quiet mornings, drinking coffee, my nose in a book or catching up on journaling, preferably from a hammock somewhere with a view. 

2. Growing up in the south, most winters were spent dreaming of snow days. We recently moved to the Midwest and are patiently awaiting our first big snowfall of the season. Warm cocoa, thermals, cozy socks, making fires and walking through the snow covered woods hand in hand are just a few things I'm looking forward to this season. 

3. (This is a tough one.) There have been several experiences throughout my life that I would consider "wild" for different reasons. I've followed love five hundred miles away, lived the beach bum lifestyle, quit my job to persue my dream, lived on the road while traveling to the smallest towns you can imagine, and hiked mountains with a good fear of heights.  All of these experiences revolved around growth and facing my own personal fears. They each taught me lessons. They stirred at my heart. More importantly, they got me to where I am and who I am today. And to me, that is wild. 

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