Stay Wild Series 13

Posted on January 19, 2015 by Megan Hollenback | 0 Comments

Photos by Andrew Clark

I'm a full supporter of any type of adventure that gets me out of my cubicle. I promote anyone or anything that gets you to hang as loose as possible. Taking photos is the part of my life that pushes me to explore harder and travel more often. Rather than taking photos to merely display products, outings or to fulfill a job order, I take them to document the memories and the people I meet; which helps the photos turn out more raw and authentic.  

Feral watches were awesome to shoot because they aren't your ordinary watch. I wanted to find a location that could properly backdrop the unique watch rather than just a wall or building. We found a frozen lake with choppy ice and it was a perfect compliment to the distinct brand and style of Feral. 

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