Girls Who Fish: What it Takes to Rule the Rod and Reel

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While fishing is typically a male-dominated sport, it is geared to diversify in years to come. An analysis of 2013 fishing trends revealed that of the 8.7 million first-time fishers, 42 percent were women. And just as in other previously male-dominated areas like business, sports and politics, women have proven that they have what it takes to rule the rod and reel. Girls who fish are strong and embrace the outdoors. If you want to improve your angler game, spend more time with your special someone or just think fishing looks like fun, make a splash with these fishing tips for girls.

1. Find the perfect rod
Finding the perfect fishing pole does not mean you have to get one in pink or that yours is easier to handle than a man’s fishing pole, but just like a surgeon or mechanic, having the right tools for the job will ensure success. A few key things to consider when choosing the right rod are what kind of fishing and casting you are going to be doing and the length and weight of the rod compared to your height and strength.

2. Knowledge is power
To be a topnotch angler, knowledge is power. Professional fishers know a lot about the different species of fish, including the nuances of how to cast and bait for them. Knowing different casting techniques, what gear is necessary, and where to fish will set you apart from amateurs.

3. Enjoy
At the end of the day, whether you’re a competitor, professional or a hobbyist, fishing is meant to connect you with nature and enjoy time either with your friends and family or alone. Working on your technique and trying to catch the biggest fish are fun, but don’t forget to simply enjoy being outside and being on the water.

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