Surfer Girl Chic: Get the Look

Posted on September 22, 2014 by Megan Hollenback | 0 Comments

If asked to describe surfer girl style, perhaps it can best be summed up as “quintessential cool.” Surfer girls are all about adventure, a carefree spirit, and approaching life with a sense of courage and adrenaline. Naturally, their look echoes this sentimentality.

Swimsuit: A bikini should be in every surfer girl’s wardrobe, preferably one that reflects the bright, colorful essence of your inner spirit. But also keep a stylish one-piece on hand, as well as a wetsuit.

Makeup: minimal, if any. No time for clumpy mascara when you’re trying to catch a wave.

Hair. Surfer girls have a-maz-ing hair. Tousled and sun-streaked, it should also look carefree, like you just walked in from the waves.

Clothes: It’s all about attitude. Go for boho-chic clothes that capture your laid-back approach to life. Wear comfort, with an edgy vibe. But most of all, wear clothes you love.

Jewelry: Minimal. A Feral Watch, of course.

Why are surfer girls beautiful? Well, the daily dose of Vitamin D they get doesn’t hurt…but what these girls have in common is inner beauty that shines through. They radiate confidence, because they’ve faced daunting situations and came through victorious. They fear nothing. They love life, adventure and fun.

No matter if you live in Maui or Milwaukee, you can capture surfer girl chic with the tips from above. But no matter what you wear, wear it with confidence. Stay true to yourself.

Enjoy the ride!

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