Spearfishing—How to Become a Huntress

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So, we recently stumbled across a story about the absolute coolest woman ever: Kimi Werner. This chick is a-maz-ing—she actually lives off the Hawaiian land, freediving and spearfishing for her meals. Here’s the HuffPo piece, which includes some pretty sweet pics.

One of the things that Kimi mentioned was how resourceful she feels when she spearfishes, using what the Earth provides in a self-sufficient manner. Which got us thinking…how hard would it be to actually spearfish? What is it all about, anyway?

So, people have been spearfishing for like, ever—back when they needed to hunt down their own food in order to live (rather than just ‘cuz fresh fish is really tasty). Rather than passively throwing a line into the waves, spearfishing is all about the hunt. It morphs you into a predator, which is really cool.

You only need basic snorkeling gear, and to find a quiet spot (you may need to paddle out to find a rock where fish hang out). Then you dive down, sneak up on a fish, and try and spear it behind its gills. Once you’ve got him, try to grab hold of his body to prevent him from slipping away.

Spearfishing requires patience, and smarts. Don’t chase a fish because, duh—they’re considerably faster than you. Instead, you want to be stealth, and sneak up on it.

The cool thing about spearfishing is that anyone can do it. You don’t need scuba equipment or expertise. You don’t even really need a ton of skill. However, it helps if you can hold your breath under water well. Just not too long, okay? We don’t want to be responsible for anyone having to call 911.

If you’re lucky, you’ll catch your dinner. Trust us, nothing tastes better than food that just came from the sea. Plus, the feeling of accomplishment is awesome!

Happy hunting!

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