Why Skater Girls Should Rule the World

Posted on August 05, 2014 by Megan Hollenback | 0 Comments

If you ask us, skater girls epitomize cool: they’re confident, fun, and aren’t afraid to take risks.

Skateboarding culture itself is totally rad, all the way back to its roots in the 1940’s and 50’s, when Cali surfers found the sea too rough to catch a wave and opted instead to screw roller skate wheels into 2 X 4’s and take to the streets. If the thought of some long-haired scruffy surfer-type on the roads of 1955 Orange County doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will.

Skaters have long considered themselves an anti-establishment subculture, taking their sport to sick new heights with every jump and trick. But strangely enough, it remained largely a guy’s sport, with women in the minority. Lucky for us, that’s been changing over the years.


This video of Cindy Whitehead at TEDxYouth@SantaMonica is awesome. She dominated pro vert skateboarding in the 70’s, and totally became the female face of the sport. We dig her catchphrase, “Girl is NOT a 4-letter word.”

One of the many things that makes skater girls different and unique is their approach to life. To them, it’s not just about shredding—it’s about freedom, and courage, and daring to remain authentic. That self-belief is expressed in the clothes they wear, the attitude they cop, and the way they carry themselves. It translates into a liberated confidence we think is incredibly cool.

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