DIY Painted Sky Mural

Posted on May 12, 2014 by Megan Hollenback | 0 Comments

Hello to my fellow creatives out there! I will be periodically sharing some fun DIY projects with you that will hopefully inspire you to create beautiful things! We are no professionals over here, but that doesn't stop us from doing what we love. I love VW buses and every one I have owned has needed some tender love and care. Sunset here was no exception. Although it was love at first site, the plain wood paneling was screaming for a makeover so I busted out the paint brushes!

I envisioned a beautiful sky mural on the ceiling. From the front of the bus to the back, the sky faded from day into night with my favorite blend of colors. It ended up looking really fun and dreamy.

Supplies you will need:
-acrylic or house paint (blue, white, red, yellow)
-1" and 3" brushes
-sponge (for clouds)
-paper towels
-paint tray
-mixing stick
-masking tape
-drop cloth
-something pointy (for stars)


I recommend painting during the evening to avoid the heat and paint drying too quickly so it will blend better. I painted the ceiling in sections over a span of a few days. This experience gave me a small glimpse of what Michelangelo did in the Sistine Chapel--what a prodigy! Get creative and paint your favorite star constellations and make every night a starry night.

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