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Posted on July 29, 2014 by Megan Hollenback | 0 Comments

Ever owned an old car, but the interior didn't live up to it's rep? Or maybe you just wanna replace that stinky old seat fabric with something new. Pretty much all you need for this project is a heavy duty staple gun, scissors, and about 7 yards of upholstery fabric to be safe. Our bus also had custom work done previously which called for some improv. We broke the process down into three simple steps!

Step 1: Remove cushions from your bus and lay out fabric flat on floor wrong side up. We did not see a need to pre-wash fabric.
Step 2: Cut the fabric around your cushion like a stencil, but be sure to leave at least 1" allowance.

Step 3: Staple time! Sit on your cushion and wrap the fabric around the sides and staple extra fabric tightly. Don't forget to make french corners!

That's it--easier than you thought, huh? Here are a few tips of things we learned NOT to do along the way...

1. Sit on your cushion before stapling! If you don't then it will cause excess fabric when you do sit on it. (we learned this the hard way)
2. Use a thicker material so the staples won't rip tear the fabric if you need to adjust anything.
3. We recommend a solid color to hide mistakes better than a plaid or striped pattern.

4. Try to be as consistent as possible with the tension. We noticed some seat cushions were pulled tighter than others, which created an awkward un-evenness. Our second time around was much better.

And there you have it! Overall we got this project done in less than a day and the interior looks so much better. Now go pimp your own ride and give yourself a high 5! You deserve it, you handy-lady, you!

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