Feral 2016

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Photos by Kylie Fly
From hats to accessories and our custom clothing line, we've got ya covered for your next adventure! Keep your eyes open for holiday deals coming soon!

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A cozy series by freelance photographer, Maya Nair, who is currently exploring stunning coastlines along the PNW in Oregon. See you out there!

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Introducing Feral Apparel

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We are super excited to introduce to you our first line of apparel!!! We have been working on these designs for months now and they are finally available just in time for the holidays. Check out our collection of soft goods for women, toddler, and baby. Hurry while supplies last! 

Shop apparel here.

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The Jane wrap watch is now available in nude and white leather! This time featuring a round rose gold case for a classy yet minimalist look. It goes with everything! Get yours now at

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Stay Wild Series 18

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For the past 2 ½ years, my boyfriend James and I have called the wild places of North America our backyard and a trusty orange bus our home. Each day, we traverse the rugged mountains, pretty prairies, and painted deserts of this vast and varied land. We are artists inspired by the incomprehensible beauty of natural places.

In a strange way, the movement of the road has taught me to be still. That age-old cliché, ‘Stop and Smell the Roses,’ never resonated until fields of wildflowers like these spread before me, unending. We always screech our brakes to a sudden halt for wide meadows of daisies or lupine.  I’ve become pro at weaving flower crowns and consider myself a professional frolicker.

Above all, I moved into a bus and onto the road to slow myself down. Modern society burdens us with pressure to be constantly productive, something I combat by devoting time to purposeful idling. This daily practice has endowed me with a rich and vibrant life.

Time is a tool that gives life structure, but it should never rule you. The ethos of Feral watches, its wrap, its aesthetic, remind me to use time wisely. We only have one life to live, and by minding time, we all can achieve a life of Feral play and exploration.

Rachel is a writer and cartoonist inspired by ancient philosophy and the natural landscapes of North America. She enjoys birding, green tea, and arranging cheese plates. When she’s not scribbling in her journal, you can find her exploring wild places with a backpack and a topo map.

Photos by 

J.R. Borrego

Idle Theory Bus

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Introducing The Wild Brim Hat

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Grab our new go-to hat for your next outdoor adventure! The wild brim hat protects you from adverse weather while doing all that rad stuff you do. Features a braided leather band and adjustable neck strap, creating a look that is both stylish and functional. Get yours now here and go wild!

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Stay Wild Series 17

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Photos by Kristopher Orr, modeled by Cameron

Kristopher Orr is a professional photographer based out of Montreal Canada. He has lived and worked in New York City, Paris, Salt Lake City and a handful of other cities in North America. He has a bachelors degree in photography and a minor in Psychology. He shoots both analogue and digital. He enjoys good food, good drink, and good company.

From the city streets of downtown Austin to the hidden gems of Georgetown this series takes us from day to night and shows off beautifully the versatility of Feral. When you're hustling your buns from work to grab drinks with friends on the dock by sundown, we've got you arriving fashionably on time without missing a beat.

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